Weight Gain after Kidney Transplant.

Posted On Sep 23, 2022 |

It is very important to take care of the weight after a kidney transplant.

Weight gain & obesity are generally seen in post-kidney transplant patients. 

Mostly it has been seen in the first year after a kidney transplant and is reported as a common issue among kidney transplant patients.

Causes of weight gain after kidney transplant:

- Use of immunosuppressive medication to save the newly transplanted kidney.

- Instant change in the lifestyle of the patient.

- Instant change in diet intake of the patient.

- Comparatively insufficient physical activities including exercise, walking, and light breathing exercises.

- Sudden difference in appetite, better appetite after kidney transplant.

- Difference in quality of diet before and after kidney transplant.

Problems associated with weight gain after kidney transplant:


After a kidney transplant, if weight gain takes place it could cause diabetes in which the body loses its ability to produce insulin. Which directly affects the vision of the patient, nerve damage to the feet and legs. Sometimes leads to rejection of the transplanted kidney.


It's a painful disease caused by a significantly increased level of uric acid in the blood. Mostly gets experienced by knees and toes.

Heart Disease

A sudden increase in weight after a kidney transplant can put extra work pressure on the heart. Issues like palpitations and irregular heartbeats come into play.

High Cholesterol

Better appetite results in better eating as compared to pre kidney transplant situation. Sometimes results in unnecessary intake of unwanted diet sources. Deep-fried dishes followed by no physical activities can cause blockage in the arteries of the heart. Lack of oxygen to heart muscles can cause multiple malfunctioning.

High Blood Pressure

After a kidney transplant patients are supposed to take immunosuppressive medication, which can cause hormonal imbalance in the body and leads to rising in blood pressure. It directly affects the eyes, heart, and brain of the patient.

Liver Problems

Due to weight gain after a kidney transplant, fat cells can deposit inside the organs like the Liver. It will decrease the working efficiency of the Liver. This can result in failure.


Due to weight gain after a kidney transplant, wear and tear of the bones get increased. Commonly known as wear and tear arthritis. An increase in bone-to-bone contact can cause huge pain while walking even in the position of rest in the winter seasons. Loss of mobility takes place. Stress on the knees and back gets increased.

Sleeping Disorders

Weight gain can also cause sleeping disorders in the patients. Breathing issues while sleeping, also known as sleep apnea. Snoring problems could arise due to the disturbed flow of air from the nose. An insufficient supply of oxygen can cause multiple ailments in the body.

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