Traveling after the Kidney Transplant

Posted On Aug 28, 2022 |

Traveling immediately after a kidney transplant is not advisable and you'll most likely have to wait a year after surgery.

Traveling after a Kidney Transplant

Traveling immediately after a transplant is not advisable and you'll most likely have to wait a year after surgery. However, once your doctor gives a go-ahead, you need extensive planning for travels.

We have put together a few important tips for kidney transplant patients.


You'll need the latest prescription from your transplant team to be able to carry enough medicines.

Always carry more than you need. Divide medicines to carry in flight and excess in check-in luggage.

Always carry meds in original packing. Carry your medical documents for safety.

While site seeing, keep extra doses of meds in your handbag.

Carry drugs like paracetamol, anti-diarrhea, nausea, etc for unforeseen travel sickness. 

 Destination and Vaccine protocols

Discuss with your doctor what vaccines are allowed.

Inactive vaccines like pneumonia, influenza, hepatitis A & B, and tetanus are usually safe.

Vaccines that contain live organisms like oral polio, smallpox, and BCG should be avoided.

Destination and Safety

Make sure you aren't going to places that have unsafe drinking water or unhygienic food.

Food and water safety are extremely important for you. Don't drink tap water without checking if it is treated and filtered. Stick to hot and fresh food throughout your travel.

Check on pollution, mosquito, and weather conditions beforehand.

Travel Insurance

Speak to an expert regarding general health and travel insurance so you don't end up paying heavily for any sickness.

You may need a fit to fly certificate.

Enjoy with caution

We all wish to be carefree during holidays, however, you have a great responsibility towards the donated kidney. Follow the advice given by your doctor and have a safe trip.

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