Thyroid Hormone and Our Kidney

Posted On Oct 03, 2022 |

The thyroid hormone plays an important role in the growth and development of our kidneys.

Thyroid hormones are very important for the appropriate growth and development of our kidneys. Reciprocally, the kidneys are not only an organ for the metabolism and secretion of thyroid hormones but also an important organ for action related to the important mediation of thyroid hormones.

It plays a vital role in the growth of the kidneys. It is well known that Hypothyroidism decreases and hyperthyroidism increase the kidney-to-body weight ratio. The mechanism associated is still unknown.

Identical to kidneys, thyroid function also affects the fluid and electrolyte balance in our body. Any dysfunction in thyroid hormone can lead to the inability to excretion of oral fluid overload in the body. It will lead to reduced GFR, which is directly linked to the capabilities and efficiency of our kidneys.


  1. ‌Increased serum creatinine.
  2. Decreased GFR.
  3. Decreased Renal Plasma. It is the flow of blood that the kidneys receive over a period of time.‌
  4. Decreased sodium reabsorption. It is a part of renal physiology.
  5. Decreased renal capacity to dilute urine.
  6. The problem of Hyponatremia. It is the state when the concentration of sodium in the blood is abnormally low.


  1. ‌Decreased serum creatinine
  2. ‌Increased GFR
  3. ‌Increased Renal Plasma Flow
  4. ‌Resistance to human erythropoietin action related to red blood cells.

Therefore taking care of thyroid hormone imbalance in our body is very important from a kidney point of view. It also acts as an indicator of some kind of dysfunction in our kidneys.

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