Overcoming the fear of separation in chronic illness.

Posted On Jul 26, 2022 |

To reduce the psychological damages due to chronic illness.

Fear is a cognitive or perceptional state, inherited somewhere deep in the mind. Might not be conscious every time but definitely roaming somewhere in sub consciousness of the human being. When patient gets satisfied with the measures to fight fear psychologically, things get smoother for the patient.

Following are some effective measures to minimize the fear of separation in chronic illness:

1. Know Chronic illness better:

Generally chronic illness is not lethal, as long as the patient is following proper treatment. Taking appropriate medication as prescribed. Timely follow up with the doctor and dietician. Knowing about risks involved in the Chronic disease, followed by the precautions, can make the patients calm. Discontinuity in the above mentioned course of action could be dangerous for the patient.

2. Continuous learning from the peer group:

Patient can improve the quality of life along with number of years for living happily by making continuous and consistent communication with similar chronically suffered group members. One can improve the quality of life which will minimize the fear of separation from the family.

3. Role of doctors:

They are the one who are attending number of patients everyday, patient can share their issues and concerns with them. They are the one who can warn regarding any lack from the patient's end, and help in rectifying it. A sense of faith and attachment will build a confidence to fight chronic illness and to minimize the fear of separation from the family.

4. Form a close family & Friends group:

Some people who are diagnosed with chronic disease, find it difficult to share with their family and friends about their feelings. They may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, or they may be too afraid to talk about it.

Patients should form a close family and friend circle to discuss their feelings. It is important for them to share their feelings with people who care about them and can provide them with help and support when they need it most.

Talking about the condition can help in relieving stress and make to feel relaxed.

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