Going Back to work after Kidney Transplant

Posted On Oct 03, 2022 |

Things to keep in mind !!

A kidney transplant is a procedure to place a new functional and healthy kidney in a person suffering from end-stage renal disease and on dialysis. It also means to enable the suffering person to live a normal life like others.

Returning back to work is necessary for the patient to take care of financial stability and expenses of post kidney transplant care viz. Medication and follow-up.

Most of the patients lead healthy lifestyles after kidney transplant and resume their respective work.

Obviously, there are many restrictions to carrying on professional life after a kidney transplant. People need to change their work areas sometimes as per requirements.

Things to take care of while going back to work after a kidney transplant:

  1. Always take immunosuppressive medication on time.
  2. Don't dare to take risk of missing a single dose of any medicine.
  3. Always carry purified and fresh water along with you, if going outside for work.
  4. Maintain BP and sugar at the workplace too, and do not take unnecessary stress.
  5. Try to spare ten minutes for physical movement, if doing any desk job and sitting for long hours.
  6. Always cover the nose properly with a mask to avoid dust allergy.
  7. Try to minimize the journey time to reach the workplace, and prefer the "WORK FROM HOME" facility.
  8. Control the weight after a kidney transplant and take a low salt diet.
  9. Maintain a good level of hemoglobin by following a proper diet chart.

When to contact the hospital?

  • If having a fever above 100°F.
  • Any kind of pain around the transplanted kidney area.
  • Swelling on feet or on the face.
  • A reduced amount of urine takes place.
  • When blood and urine reports are showing significantly unfavorable values.

A kidney Transplant is a blessing for end-stage renal disease patients, so keep it as the blessing of the donor. Try not to do anything wrong with the transplanted kidney.


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